Talks and Workshops

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The below is a list of talks and workshops that I have done for groups around the UK.

  • Seed bombs with flowers for bees and pollinators 
  • Creating and managing your own wildflower patch
  • Growing your own cut flowers
  • Growing herbs for flavour – Tales of a 2 star Michelin Head Gardener
  • Composting for beginners (and experts!)
  • Wormeries – how to make the most of worms in composting
  • Saving water in the garden and house
  • Growing your own salads and herbs
  • Potatoes, from the Andes to our Gardens. History of this staple crop and how to grow, harvest and cook your spuds.
  • Making bee and bug hotels
  • Caring and propagating houseplants organically and sustainably
  • Organic gardening and permaculture principles – what is it and how can we make small changes for the benefit of the planet? 
  • Seed saving – how to save your own seed from flowers to vegetables
  • Small space gardening – how to grow in pots and containers 
  • The history and facts of plants at Christmas
  • Christmas wreath making
  • Dried Flowers Wreaths
  • Flower arranging, hand tied bouquets and how to make the most of your Flowers