About Bethan & Forget Me Notts

Gardener, Florist, writer and creative.

I wanted to start a business that had a more organic and local approach to floristry so in 2020 I founded Forget-Me-Notts. However over the years my passion for growing food remains and so this is not just about flowers, this is about good quality food, living more sustainably and being a better consumer.

Aims and focus for 2023

  • FarmStart project across Nottinghamshire
  • Small events florist
  • Workshops and training for groups and societies

Why focus on flowers?

Unfortunately the reality is that people in the UK pay more for flowers than they do for organic fruit and vegetables. See my blog posts about my experience for more information.

Seeing how much waste is produced and disturbed by the huge quantities of cut flowers that are brought in from all over the world in such an unethical way. These once natural and organic blooms are cut, plunged into chemicals and often flown thousands of miles before we actually see them. So much so that it is difficult to find anything that even has a scent anymore.

As consumers we need to question where things come from and how we can have a more sustainable approach.

Originally from Wales, I grew up surrounded by the beautiful welsh mountains. This wild and dramatic landscape continues to have a huge influence on me and my work. My aim is for every arrangement to look and feel as if it has been freshly picked from the garden. I try to grow as many different varieties as we can on the allotment in an organic and ethical way. I absolutely love growing flowers, arranging them, and just being on my plot surrounded by them. Everyone needs flowers in their life. I work with local growers and British suppliers to add to my bouquets throughout the seasons.

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