Wildlife hotel with dried flowers and seed pods – Square


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Modern Wildlife hotel for the garden or wall

Designed in a square wooden frame this bug hotel is extra special with each section being filled with pine cones, sunflower stems, and grass stems for bugs to hibernate in. In addition there is a collection of crab apples, berries and dried flowers for a contemporary feel. This wildlife hotel looks stunning on a wall, or somewhere in the garden. It makes an ideal long lasting gift, especially for those who appreciate something special.

Shipping, delivery and collection

Due to the heavy nature of the frame and delicate nature of the dried flowers of the wildlife hotel we aren’t offering delivery on these wildlife hotels, but please get in touch if this is something you do want.

Local Nottingham Collection 5 minutes from City centre available.

  • Care tips

    • Due to the nature of dried flowers the colours will fade in sunlight and if exposed to our normal British weather the seeds pods will change with the seasons, the added bonus is you might get some poppies, Echinops, teasels and straw flowers growing in your garden!