Bespoke Pampass Grass Wreath – Extra Large


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A beautiful dried wreath to adorn your home throughout the seasons. Made from fresh Nottingham Pampass Grass, full of texture and movement. This really is a fluffy wreath designed to have the wow factor especially paired with a bright wall or door!

The fabulous part about this wreath is that it will last for years to come if looked after properly.

Approx 45cm wide.

The dried wreath product range is designed for indoor use and ideally kept somewhere dry and out of direct sunlight. They will be ok on a front door but only if sheltered from the rain. Pampass grass has been freshly cut this year so has not been cured or dried, there is some light fluff that will come off the wreath during handling, once on a door or wall, it will be ok. We have resisted the urge to spray with hairspray just yet!

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